Playground Markings for Schools

Transform your school playground…into an exciting place for children to have fun and learn.

Thermoplastic markings are an essential part of every school playground. We can supply playground markings that can transform plain tarmac into a colourful, vibrant play area with a variety of traditional games, trails and courts. Our thermoplastic products are non toxic, extremely durable and last up to five times longer than painted markings. We design, supply, and install any markings that you require. We use top quality pre-formed thermoplastics that are cut on our computer aided machine to your individual specification

Traditional Games

Traditional Games Traditional playground games have been around for decades – and there’s a reason their popularity has lasted so long. From hopscotch to mirror games, skip circles and ‘What’s the time, Mr. Wolf’, these timeless classics are geared toward active, social play, and guaranteed to be a lasting hit.

Numeracy & Literacy

Help your students practise numeracy and literacy in a fun, stress-free environment. They’ll be free to apply the concepts they’ve learned in the classroom in an exciting, colourful new setting, bringing their lessons into a practical context. They can learn from their peers and lend their friends a hand. Numeracy and literacy games foster teamwork and develop physical as well as academic skills. We are now offering schools the option to include “0” as the starting point for all numeracy games at no extra cost due to the increased demand from primary school teachers involved in teaching maths to the children.

Board Games & Grids

From chess to snakes and ladders, board games and grids are a fun way to bring strategy together with exercise on the playground. Students can invent their own rules or play with existing instructions, in pairs or groups.

Targets & Mazes

Hand-eye coordination, physical skill, exciting, competitive games: targets and mazes promote play at its finest. They’re great for students of all ages, creating a colourful, lively environment and encouraging exercise. Students can invent their own games or play with established rules.

Maps & Compasses

Maps and Compass markings are the ideal teaching aid for geography and the natural sciences, helping children to get a primary understanding of the world. Compasses teach them about cardinal points, while our clock markings help them learn to tell the time on an analogue clock. Our world maps aid them in grasping the concepts of continents and oceans, showing them where they’re situated in the wider world.

Circuit Trails & Tracks

A hop, a skip, and a jump – circuit trails and tracks bring out the best in active play, building teamwork and creativity while encouraging exercise. P.E. teachers can use them as a guide, or children can invent their own rules, attempting to better themselves over successive playtime sessions. The colourful markings bring fun to the schoolyard.

Sports Pitches & Games

Sports Pitches and Games are vital for P.E. and for practising sports outdoors. These markings encourage children to practise sports that they will continue to play as they get older, such as football and netball, building on their physical skills and ensuring they discover exercise that they enjoy. Our markings cover all types of pitches, from netball to basketball, rounders, football, cricket and more.

Imaginative Play

Our Imaginative Play markings let children enter a world of their own making. The markings allow them to invent their own games, playing different roles, stepping into magical realms and developing their imaginations while building friendships.

Our colourful playground markings offer a educational, stimulating and low cost method of increasing children’s activity levels.

We provide a huge variety of games and markings. Traditional games to help encourage inclusion. Sports trails and markings to promote fitness and physical activity. Educational markings and creative graphics to help develop literacy and numeracy

Personal attention is assured and our reputation has been earned and maintained since 1880.